Saturday, May 11, 2013

This weekend - Bamboo recommends you try these rolls

Some yummy combinations Chef Toshi's come up with! We've got classics and new creations straight from Bamboo's kitchen, using only fresh ingredients.

To see the whole sushi and roll selection, click here.

Baked Crab Roll

Made with avocado, asparagus, masago and crab. Quickly baked and brushed with soy and butter. Decadence without the guilt. We like!

Dragon Roll

Classic goodness! Ours is made with shrimp tempura, cucumber, freshwater eel, avocado and brushed with sweet soy for added umami.

Salmon Skin

Delicious AND great for the skin! Baked salmon skin, cucumber, yamagobo, onion and katsuo bushi meet in this truly unique creation.

Shrimp tempura

Another classic we all love, and this one is perfectly executed! Shrimp tempura, cucumber, masago with a little sweet soy.


Is there anything better than deep fried soft shell crab? This roll is crunchy, warm, moist and incredibly flavorful! Deep fried soft shell crab, cucumber and masago. No bells or whistles needed when you have an ingredient as special as soft shell crab!

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