Friday, May 17, 2013

Morimoto's tips on good sushi

Who better than Iron chef Masaharu Morimoto to teach us about sushi! As one of the celebrity chefs invited recently to teach at the Culinary Institute in New York, chef Morimoto took the students on a step-by-step journey from gutting, deboning and slicing an entire tuna all the way to the finishing touches of what makes first-rate sushi. 

Photo by Laura Togut

1: The brighter the color, the fattier the tuna is likely to be.
2: Slice tuna filets in one long, clean stroke with a long knife.

3: Sushi is supposed to be finger food, so use your hands.
4: Dip sushi fish-side-down into soy sauce so the rice doesn't sog up.
5: Eat your nigiri whole.

Maki (Rolls):
6: Dried sheets of nori have a shiny and dull side. Work dull-side-down for stability.
7: Shape the rice delicately. Don't press down hard.
8: If working from larger cuts of tuna, little scaps and end bits are perfect for maki.
9: Use a bamboo rolling mat after shaping by hand for best results. Don't use the map to shape the roll initially.
Photo by Laura Togut

10: If using fresh wasabi, slice it for less heat and grate it for more heat.
11: The fattier the tuna, the more wasabi it can take. And DON'T mix your wasabi with your soy sauce!
Photo by Laura Togut

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