Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wasabi beer anyone?

Last week we shared with you a list of bright and summer cocktails to sip and share among friends, while enjoying the beautiful beach view. Today, to celebrate yet another lovely sunny weekend, we're showing you 3 very interesting craft beers from Japan served and loved here at Bamboo. Kampai!

#1. Wasabi Pilsner 

Not for the faint of heart, this green colored beer does taste like wasabi and packs a spicy punch! The flavors are herbal, spicy and earthy with a light and smooth finish.

#2. Tama no Megumi 

Tama no Megumi beer - meaning 'the blessing of Tama', is brewed with natural underground springs of the Nishitama area. There's no filtration nor pasteurization process, only the genuine taste of pale ale with a fruity aroma and smooth finish.

#3. Coedo sweet potato lager

From the Kawagoe region, this beer is made with roasted sweet potatoes and high quality malts. It  then ferments for a long period of time to fully develop its flavors as well as bring an alcohol content slightly higher than your average beer. The finish is smooth, slightly sweet with low to medium bitterness.

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