Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Have you tasted our top 3 most popular dishes?

For izakaya beginners, looking at our menu can be a daunting experience because of the volume and types of dishes we offer. But you'll quickly find that some dishes make regular appearances at other diners tables. Ask our servers for recommendations and they'll gladly run down a list of our most popular dishes. Today, we're sharing with you our Top 3.

Bamboo's top 3 most popular dishes


Miso manila clam soup
Plural because we have more than one for you to try;

  • Classic miso soup with tofu and seaweed
  • Miso soup with manila clams and tofu
  • Country style miso soup with a stronger broth and kabocha squash
Our soups are extremely popular because they are comforting yet very healthy and savory. Served in classic Japanese soup bowls, they're the perfect light appetizer to start your meal.

* Did you know that the proper way to drink miso soup is to stir the broth with your chopsticks and drink it straight from the bowl? 


Edamame is a very well known and popular appetizer in America. Usually served warm with a sprinkle of salt, they can be found even in some pubs these days. However, our edamame dish has a kick! We've spiced it up and got creative in the kitchen to bring you revised edamame, better than you've ever tasted before!

We slowly steam our soybeans (never microwaved!) for an even and moist texture and toss them in a soy garlic sauce. Finger licking good!


This incredibly popular dish was created at our sister restaurant Ozumo in San Francisco. It was in such demand over there, we had to bring it to Santa Monica!

The mixture of spicy tuna mixed with a wasabi ponzu sauce and topped over cubes of crispy rice, is making people smile and ask for more all across California!

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