Sunday, March 3, 2013

8 Japanese dishes for beginners

Japanese cuisine has a lot of wonderful flavors and textures to offer, and by no means are they all intimidating. A lot of it is simple, delicious and familiar to what you're used to eating.

Here are 8 Bamboo Izakaya dishes sure to seduce even the pickiest of eaters!

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#1. Goma chicken salad 

Cabbage, bean sprouts, cucumber, tomatoes and shredded chicken tossed in sesame dressing.

Photo: Benjamin Conley

#2. Gyoza 

Lightly fried pork dumpling with soy chili dipping sauce.

Photo: Benjamin Conley

#3. Tori nanban

Deep fried marinated chicken served with tartare sauce

Photo:Benjamin Conley

#4. Yosenabe (hot pot)

A healthy and savory hot pot of salmon, prawns, clams, tofu in soy, dashi broth.

Photo: Benjamin Conley

#5. Kinoko kami tsutsumi

Assorted Japanese steamed mushrooms, with truffle and ponzu sauce.

Photo: Benjamin Conley

#6. Kushiyaki (or yakitori) 

Assortment of grilled skewered meats, seafood and vegetables. A Japanese classic!

Photo: Benjamin Conley

#7. Kalbi

Sake-soy marinated kalbi ribs (beef short ribs).

Photo: Benjamin Conley

#8. Ebi cream croquettes

Deep fried shrimp croquettes in creamy bechamel sauce, served with a tomato salsa. An absolute must try!!

Photo: Benjamin Conley

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