Thursday, February 14, 2013

Crispy pickled bamboo shoots - Stop by for a complimentary taste!


These lightly fried bamboo slices (takenoko kara age) might just be the perfect snack to have on a sunny day by the beach! Even better when paired with a nice cold beer!

Marinated in dashi, soy and mirin, chef Toshi dusts each bamboo shoot in corn starch and gives them a light and crispy texture with a quick dunk in the fryer. Served with a savory and creamy yuzu ranch dressing, they're tastier than any bag of chips you've ever had! And for the health nut in you, did you know that bamboo shoots are filled with antioxidants, are low in calories and known to lower bad cholesterol? Tasty AND good for you, we like that!

Stop by Bamboo Izakaya for a complimentary dish of these yummy Japanese treats. To welcome you to our new digs, chef Toshi is giving each table free takenoko kara age all throughout the month of February!

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