Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sashimi - first order of your izakaya feast

You are comfortably seated at your table and ready to order a feast for everyone to share. So what is the proper way to order at an izakaya?

Is there an order to all these options?


Sashimi comes first.

Why you ask?

Because of its delicacy. Order sashimi first so your palate can fully enjoying the delicate and natural sweetness of the fish. Since most izakaya menu items are quite savory, we recommend you start with the most delicate items first and gradually move on to more savory dishes.

The cut of the sashimi is also important - the chef will decide what cut is appropriate for what fish. For example, chu toro, or fatty tuna is usually served in blocks so you can enjoy a hearty melt in your mouth bite, for full effect. Squid is served in strips because it's tougher, so a smaller and easier way to eat it is encouraged.

Don't ignore the garnishes!

Garnishes served with sashimi or sushi are there to be eaten. The most common garnishes are wasabi, shiso leaves, daikon and micro greens. Add a little on top of your fish to brighten up the flavors.

To soak or not to soak?

Do NOT soak your sashimi and sushi, that is considered a cardinal sin in the world of sushi masters!! The proper way to eat sushi is not to dip the rice, but rather flip the piece over and only dip the tip of the fish in soy sauce. The same is expected of sashimi.

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